Wrist Braces

wrist brace protects and supports an injured or tired wrist and serves as a therapeutic device that helps you recover from an injury or repetitive strain. Our product gives you support by immobilizes the joint and uses compression in order to relieve your pain. Common conditions treated by wrist braces :

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Repetitive strain injury
  • Twisted wrist
  • Ligament instability
  • Sprained wrist
  • Chronically weak wrists

When a wrist brace is worn, the wrist stays in a neutral position. This helps to reduce swelling while providing stability to the injured area. Braces also help relieve pain and burning sensation. They are lightweight and comfortable devices that are design to minimize interference with your daily activities. When applied properly, wrist braces provide support and effectively alleviate pain to treat the discomfort.

At HealthMax Physio Clinic – Toronto (St. Clair) branch, we specialize in treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and offer a wide variety of custom hand and wrist braces. Our registered practitioners will work closely with each patient to assess their condition, diagnose the problem and recommend a comprehensive treatment plan to achieve a fast and sustainable recovery. Upon an initial assessment, a therapist may also prescribe a custom fit medical device – a wrist brace – to help you heal faster. When combined with other forms of treatment, wearing a wrist brace can be highly effective.

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