The 6 Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is a holistic specialty care approach to health and wellness that focuses on strengthening the interconnectedness of the body, rather than focusing on treating the disease itself.

The goal is to find the causes of illness, and how different systems in the body affect each other. Natural therapies are used to support the body in its own healing process. The bedrock of Naturopathy is the health and wellbeing of the individual.

Naturopathy is ideal for everyone, regardless of age or condition of health.  Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) are primary care doctors who are trained as specialists in natural medicine. Naturopathy draws from a wide variety of therapeutics including botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, traditional Chinese Medicine bodywork, and counseling.

1: First Do No Harm:  Utilize the lowest possible force intervention needed to meet goals and minimize any side effects keeping the long term healing in mind.

2: The Healing Power of Nature: Human beings possess an inherent self-healing process. Naturopathy gives importance to nature’s inherent healing power to benefit the patient.

3: First Treat the Cause: Beyond just simply modify the symptoms, Naturopathy goes further to identify the underlying cause of the illness.

4: Heal the Whole Person: Identify that every individual is more than a collection of symptoms. Naturopathy takes into consideration all the elements to heal the individual.

5: Doctor As Teacher: Naturopathy takes the patient along on the recovery process. Thus the self-healing becomes much more intuitive and effortless.

6: Prevention: Naturopathy assesses risk factors, heredity and susceptibility to disease, and make appropriate interventions, in partnership with our patients, to prevent illness.

Ensuring That The Body, Mind And Spirit Are In Perfect Harmony.

Naturopathy focuses on the whole person, rather than focusing only on symptomatic treatment. Treating the person as a whole takes into account not only the physical but also the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of human beings. It emphasizes prevention and optimal health and identifies the causes of disease instead of treating the symptoms.

Whatever your ailment, Naturopathy treats you holistically.

Achieve Optimal Health…On Your Terms

From identifying the cause to stimulating your body’s internal healing mechanisms, to recommending the right remedy for recovery, Naturopathy helps you transition to a healthier, holistic lifestyle.

A Naturopath’s practice is based on a personalized, wholeness approach; the goal is to establish close doctor-patient relationships that allow us to adapt treatments to the uniqueness of each of my patients.

By facilitating your body’s own natural healing process, Naturopathy guides you in your journey to wellness by identifying and removing obstacles to your optimal health, as well as by creating a safe and supportive healing environment.

Naturopathy helps you on your journey to health and wellness. By identifying your symptoms, the ND will identify the root cause of your condition and design a customized healing plan that is tailored to meet your unique needs.  After considering you as a whole person, the ND will recommend what tests, natural medicines, and dietary and/or lifestyle changes will be most beneficial to your goals.

The Naturopathic Doctor’s Role in your Healing.

By first investigating the root cause of disease, the ND makes the patient aware of it, offers the best tools to overcome it, and teach them how to be mindful about inner healing.  Thus an ND encourages patients to take an active role in achieving their own view of wellness.

A Naturopathic Doctor’s single principle of approach is the understanding that with the right information, the body can heal itself, naturally moving toward increased health and vitality. His/her mission is to empower you with powerful lifestyle management strategies that lead to exceptional health for a lifetime. Often, the comprehensive treatment plan may include nutritional supplements, botanicals, structured diet, and lifestyle changes and more.

Many naturopaths advise lifestyle changes that involve regular exercise to ease symptoms and stabilize their lives. Plus they also recommend actively managing stress levels like relaxed breathing exercises, yoga and more.

Naturopathy Dietary Recommendations:

  • Have regular meals and take time to eat at a leisurely pace
  • Avoid missing meals or leaving long gaps between eating
  • Drink at least eight cups of fluid per day, especially water
  • Go slow on fizzy drinks and alcohol
  • Limit your intake of high-fiber food

Naturopathy Helps You Radiate From Within.

Your life goals and passions are best achieved when you are in an optimal state of health.

As a progressive medical practice, Naturopathy offers a unique health care model that integrates the best of modern science with the most effective natural therapeutics.

Many times, conventional medical treatments may not work very well for chronic conditions; they may not address the cause and only relieve symptoms. A good ND offers the combined perspective of conventional medicine and naturopathy to achieve optimal health. Often, some professional naturopaths also provide primary care services that integrate general family medicine with holistic medicine. They provide individualized plans that help patients reach their health goals with a variety of diagnostic tests and evaluations to determine the root cause of symptoms.

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