Shockwave Therapy is the Secret Behind the Quick Recovery of Athletes

It’s no longer a reality when shockwave therapy was merely the fate of those with kidney stones. The technological breakthrough allowed athletes and sport amateurs alike to join the group of those for whom this treatment is highly beneficial. Although it has taken a while for it to come to the forefront of recreational sport, the clinical trials along with the real-life examples of athletes have proved for the therapy to be highly effective.

Generally speaking, the high-powered episodes of acoustic waves affect a specific area of the body that fails to respond well to basic remedies such as stretching and taking a prolonged rest. This innovative therapy greatly helps to revive the sore muscles and get rid of knots. What’s more, it is found to be particularly beneficial for conditions like shin splints, Plantar Fasciitis, and high hamstring tendinopathy. 

According to a Toronto chiropractor Lawrence Micheli, the shockwave therapy works in a reverse technique by exposing an athlete to the same injury yet again. This way a brand new vessel is formed, hence the damage is eradicated. Basically, the therapy involving sound waves aids the wounded body in remembering the injury it is supposed to be fighting that it has managed to get used to.      

An exemplary case is demonstrated by a 26-year old hockey player Crista Cullen, whose indescribable pain on the bottom of the foot almost put an end to her Olympic career. It was 2012 when she was getting ready for the London Olympics while attempting to find an effective remedy for her chronic Plantar Fasciitis. After giving a chance to a comprehensive course of physiotherapy, Crista decided to undergo several sessions of shockwave therapy in hopes for the best. 

The athlete was being treated by the professionals from the Basingstoke hospital in a span of three weeks to get into shape for the upcoming game. Once the three sessions that lasted around ten minutes each ended, she was able to get back to her preparations for the Olympics. The pain in Crista’s foot has been significantly lowered, which made her comeback painless and resilient as ever. 

Crista confessed that although her chronic foot condition is still there, the shockwave therapy has definitely helped her to regain control of her body and focus on the competition instead of the foot ache. She had also expressed her gratitude towards the doctors that literally saved her from resigning from the competition. The fact that she was able to train while undergoing the treatment made a huge difference in her Olympic preparations.

Crista’s case is not unique – there are dozens if not hundreds of athletes who put their trust in the shockwave therapy and did not regret it. From strike players at soccer games to Olympic champions and simple athlete amateurs, the results are equally astonishing. Notably, a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine discovered that patients with foot injuries like shin splints who were given a shockwave therapy together with a rehab scheme recovered in just 59.7 days as opposed to the 91.6 days that took to recover for those with no therapy.

Good news – the stigma surrounding shockwave therapy is slowly but surely breaking. More and more people are starting to grasp the benefits that come with it and the absence of side effects confirmed by surgeons and orthopedics. Before invoking the last resort option like surgery, we encourage you to give shockwave therapy a go. Our highly qualified therapists and naturopathic physicians at St. Clair Physiotherapy Clinic are able to treat you per the latest technologies. Book your appointment today by sending us an e-mail at or giving us a call at 647 694-2270.

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