Avoiding Back Pain From Shovelling In This Weather

Canada has been experiencing a very brutal winter, with recording-breaking snowfall in Newfoundland and Ontario. The Canadian military has even been summoned to help entire communities blanketed out by the

Massage Therapy Benefits for Stress (Can A Massage Really Improve Your Mood?)

Massage therapy has many benefits, but many of them are mostly physical. A few of these include reduced muscle tension, improved blood circulation, improved joint flexibility and mobility,  muscle pain

Insurance Covered Physiotherapist Services: What Are Your Funding Options?

Recovery from injury or surgery places extreme demands on both the mind and the physical body. Depending on the extent of injury or complexity of the surgery, recovery can be

Shockwave Therapy is the Secret Behind the Quick Recovery of Athletes

It’s no longer a reality when shockwave therapy was merely the fate of those with kidney stones. The technological breakthrough allowed athletes and sport amateurs alike to join the group

The Answer to Sustainable Health May Be in Going To A Naturopath

If you have suffered from chronic pain before, you will agree that the path back to health is often punctuated by struggle. How to remove or shorten that struggle is

Shockwave Therapy Gets You Results Faster

In the past years, shockwave therapy is becoming increasingly popular as many patients are able to see quick results with just a few treatments and no side effects. In effect,

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