Knee Braces

Custom knee braces are designed to take the excessive load off the joint and reduce pain and stiffness. Some people utilize this device for a painful or injured knee, or to prevent knee injuries during sports and other physical activities.

Proper use of a knee brace results in a significant reduction in pain, by providing stability and support . Different knee problems require different knee braces, at HealthMax Physio Clinic – Toronto (St. Clair) branch, our highly trained and qualified registered physiotherapists, and chiropractors will assess your knee, diagnose the problem and determine your personalized treatment protocol to help alleviate pain, and prevent reoccurrence of injuries.

Our custom made knee braces are manufactured of the highest quality materials and meet the highest quality standards; designed with your presenting condition or injury in mind. Knee braces have been shown to help with the following conditions.
• Patellofemoral Syndrome
• Osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee
• Jumper’s knee
• Meniscus injury
• Ligamentous knee injuries (ACL, MCL, LCL and PCL imbalances)Fracture and dislocated knee

At St. Clair Physio Clinic, we take a patient-oriented approach to ensure your knee brace is a perfect fit for your unique needs. All custom knee braces are dispersed and fitted with instructions at our clinic. We advice to encorporate rehabilitative treatments with your custom knee brace to achieve optimum results and avoid re-injury.

Fill out the contact form or give us a call to book an appointment with our specialist who will assess your condition and recommend the best custom knee braces in Toronto.

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